The Land of the Rising Sun holds a mystical aura awash in blushing cherry blossom, rising snow peaks, silken kimonos and unrivaled luxury. Japan is a country that seamlessly blends ancient wisdom with modern sophistication. Bullet trains and superior technology hurtle the east into the future without letting go of its fascinating past.


Five-story Pagoda

Japan - Cherry Blossom Detail copy

Cherry Blossom


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The traditional village of Shirakawa-go

The powder soft snows, quaint thatched rooftops and heady scent of thick stews transforms Shirakawa-go into a winter wonderland. The rustic charm of this alpine hidden village remains pure and untouched by the modern sprawl as it sits under the shadow of the sacred Mt. Hakusan. In the summer months, sunlight slides over the emerald rice terraces, crickets sing throughout the star laden night and babbling waters break over ancient stone. Shirakawa-go entices you to step back in time to a simpler life, one kissed by warmth, hands clasped in prayer and the rustle of wild blossom.


Kyoto - Sunset over a To-Ji Pagoda-

Kyoto – Sunset over a To-Ji Pagoda

Pale powdered geisha faces, soft lit lanterns and bygone city splendor invite you to step off your plush private jet and into another realm. The imperial capital of the past still holds on to its heritage with fabled temples, overflowing markets and weeping cherry trees lining the smooth-flowing  Kamo River.

Kyoto - Geishas Strolling-R

Geishas strolling through the streets of Kyoto

Yet innovative cuisine, exceptional nightlife and mythical sake push this jaw dropping destination into the 21st century without trampling on its Zen inspired designs. Gion, the traditional Geisha district, is a cultural infusion after dark with its bright tea houses, alabaster faces and cinnabar red lips to light up the night. Take a train ride to Kibune for a delirious dining experience in the mountains, pass the 10,000 Torii gates at the Fushimi Inari-Taisha Shrine and bow your head in the Buddhist gardens of Ryoan-ji.


Tokyo Classic Japanese Garden-R

Tokyo Classic Japanese Garden-R

Japan’s futuristic capital is sure to have you rubbing your eyes in wonder; embracing tradition and technology you can stroll past neon lights glistening next to holy shrines. Soak up the street hustle vibes at the pungent and overwhelming racket of Ameyoko market, relax and unwind in the ancient ceremony of the Koshinoyu bathhouses and sip jade green tea in the shady pines of the Hama Rikyu Gardens. The Ueno Park Museums are a divine introduction to all things Japanese boasting a staggering display of arts, antiques, shrines, pagodas and the famously elusive giant pandas.

Tokyo - Ginza

Ginza shopping district

Boutique luxury in the hub of Tokyo is not hard to find especially in the orchid and marble delights of Ginza, home of one of the world’s most luxurious shopping districts. Ascend the iconic towers of Tokyo, the Tokyo Tower and the Sky Tree, for splendid views of the sprawling city sparkling with a thousand lights.


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