A truly luxurious vacation is waiting for you aboard our fleet of private jets in the Seychelles, Maldives and Mauritius, the island jewels of the Indian Ocean, a stunning expanse of blue, prickled with perfectly formed islands awash in verdant greens, silky white sands and tropical wonderlands that will leave you lingering in paradise. From the pristine rainforests and creole cooking of the Seychelles to the coral gardens and soft lit lagoons of the Maldives to playing golf in a designer course in Mauritius, exploring the treasures of the Indian Ocean is truly magnificent.

Presidential Private Jet Vacations can whisk you away to a world of lazy hammocks, world class diving and rare flora and fauna adorning the mountainsides. Perfectly curated experiences allow you to stand in awe beneath ancient palms, to splash in azure lagoons nestled under volcanoes and to experience luxurious accommodations with first class beauty and comfort every second of your stay.



Anse Takamaka Beach, Mahe Island

Enjoy a peaceful night of rest aboard your plush private jet as you fly off to the Seychelles with us. Wild ginger, sweet cinnamon and the sultry scent of broken vanilla pods spill down the emerald hills of the majestic Seychelles welcoming you to paradise. The exclusive island has long drawn first class travelers from every corner of the globe seeking serenity beside the cotton blue shore. With prestigious resorts dotted across the sands and sweeping mangrove forests running up and down the coast you are sure to lose your heart and find your soul in the splendor of the Seychelles.

The Seychelles is home to some of the world’s most exceptional beaches boasting sugar spun sands, oversized boulders and swaying palms straight from a postcard scene. You can walk for miles along the sands and rarely see another set of footprints in the sand. Days in the Seychelles are best spent snorkeling across gin colored waters, lounging on luxury superyachts and dining beneath blankets of stars on fresh fish spiced with tamarind and wrapped in banana leaves.



Maldives Sunset

Maldives Sunset

Although you may want to stay in the Seychelles forever, why not take a short hop to the Maldives aboard your private jet to experience another side of island living. One of the world’s favorite honeymoon destinations hangs on a thread out in the expanse of the pure blue Indian Ocean. Being one of the flattest islands should the water levels rise then the Maldives would disappear altogether. The allure of this fragment of paradise lies in its beauty, its wealth of nature and its floating cottages perched above the whispering waters. Balmy temperatures, underwater restaurants and ten-thousand-year-old coral reefs are just the icing on the cake when it comes to the magic of the Maldives.

In the marvel of the these islands you can curate the perfect experience to suit. Energetic visitors can find no end of activities to ignite the senses, from sailing a catamaran across the woven shades of blue to practicing sunrise yoga on the sands, diving into the deep and cycling around the island. of course if rest and relaxation is on the cards then the Maldives is simply stunning with its endless array of sleepy coves, barefoot luxury spas and utter tranquility.



Mauritius Beach

Mauritius Beach

Say good-bye to the beautiful low-lying islands of the Maldives as you step aboard your private jet once more, and say hello to the welcoming island of Mauritius. This remote island may conjure images of world class golf courses, exotic flowers permeating the air and designer resorts but there is more to this hidden volcanic paradise then meets the eye. From stretches of sugar plantations to hidden temples, traditional dancing and wildlife parks that seem to have turned a page back in time, the mystery of Mauritius is about more than soaking up an abundance of sunshine on honeyed sands. Finding luxury upon the shores isn’t difficult in Mauritius and you can tee off in divine luxury at The Legend 18 hole course, designed by Hugh Baiocchi and home to the Mauritius Open.

On the shores of Mauritius you can fill your days with a beautiful blend of culture, history and personal relaxation. See the dodo skeleton in the Natural History Museum in Port Louis, pamper yourself perfect with total body cleansing in the Shanti Maurice and dive down to the depths to discover the blue safari. Mauritius manages to deliver a flawless experience of island life every time without trampling on the natural blooming beauty of the volcanic shores.

Presidential Private Jet Vacations will tailor your island retreat to your every wish. From fine dining recommendations to undiscovered adventures, we can orchestrate a one-of-a-kind vacation crafted to suit your interests and lifestyle.



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