Cool, alluring and captivating sums up Brazil in three fine words. From the outstretched arms of Christ perched on top of Rio de Janeiro to the billion-year-old beauty of Chapada dos Veadeiros, Brazil encapsulates the true meaning of exotic. Samba rhythms spill out into the street, fast paced cities throng with beautiful people and mesmerizing dishes sizzle in the markets, pristine rainforests drip with sweet dew and plush tropical hideaways peek out onto pure white sand beaches fringed with blue.

Presidential Private Jet Vacations can show you the glitz and the glamour of South America’s heart in the balmy heat of Brazil. Experience the bright plumed feathers and wild festivities of Carnaval, drift down the winding Amazon and sip Caipirinha cocktails in the cooling shade of the coconut trees, this is Brazil and this is the spirit of living.

The Sleek Shores of Rio de Janeiro


Breakfast with a view, Rio de Janeiro


Alive in every sense, surrounded by the blushing Corcovado Mountain and with breathtaking beaches ringing the city, fly off to Rio de Janeiro by private jet to experience Brazil’s hottest destination. Soak up the sun and the glorious bronzed beauties that graces the sleek shores of Copacabana, brunch with the likes of Mick Jagger at the illustrious Copacabana Palace and stand on the shoulders of Christ the Redeemer for spectacular views.

The Thunder of Foz do Iguaçu


The magnificent Igaçú Falls


Hop aboard your elegant private jet for a short flight towards the thundering falls nestled between the borderlands of Brazil and Argentina at the majestic Foz do Iguaçu. Glide across the waters at the basin of the falls and feel the silver mist kiss your skin, hike the glorious trails that meander through the virgin rainforests and taste the best freshwater fish to be found in South America.

The Carnival Capital of Salvador


The carefree spirit of Salvador isn’t easy to shake of especially during the wild draw of Carnaval. The oldest city in Brazil ebbs with a pulse that lasts all night with frivolous festivities teeming through the streets. The sands of Rio Vermelho fill with locals dressed in white offering beautiful blooms of flowers to the sea, samba rhythms split the air on the outskirts of Curuzu and signature dishes of fresh seafood stewed in coconut milk permeate the salty sea air at Pedra Furada. Salvador should simply not be missed on your Brazilian private jet vacation.

Embrace the Amazon Rainforest

Emerald Tree Boa

Emerald Tree Boa in the Rainforest


The adventure of a lifetime is waiting in the verdant greens and mirrored waters of the Amazon rainforest. Jungle cruises will take you into the heart of the basin where you can spot pink dolphins, giant otters and crowns of giant ceiba and lilies lining the banks. Gaze in awe at the black waters of the Rio Negro swirling with the cream chocolate colors of the Amazon and climb the giant trees of the forest to discover secret orchids and painted butterflies.

Dream Diving on Fernando de Noronha

Fernando de Noronha Island

Fernando de Noronha Island off the coast of Brazil


Untouched sands, rugged frames of rushing waterfalls and towering stone sculptures make Fernando de Noronha an island dream. The sublime ecosystem is heavily protected with limited numbers of visitors allowed on the island. Dive into the azure hues of blue to find a world teeming with playful dolphins, bright shoals of fish and richly fascinating corals.

Discover the exotic natural wonders and the enticing cosmopolitan cities of Brazil with a private jet vacation.

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