Gulfstream GV Jet InteriorEmbracing the beauty of travel around the world and seeing it in style has never been so simple and stress-free than when you opt for luxury service on your own private jet. Freedom, flexibility and a tailored experience are all waiting for you away from the pandemonium and inconvenience of commercial hubs. We all know the hassles of flying, from long queues to cramped seating, mediocre meals and being hustled in and bustled out; when you arrive at your destination you already miss the calm and comforts of home before you have even stepped off the runway. Yet with private jet vacations all this changes.

Imagine being welcomed on board a luxury aircraft that takes to the air only minutes after you take your seat. Enjoying the privacy and company of only friends and family with evocative gourmet dining, personal attention and the best facilities the aviation industry can offer. Select your own destination or choose from one of the premium and exciting tours on offer from Presidential Private Jet Vacations.

From weekends away in the rolling hills of the Napa Valley to extensive week long experiences in the far flung shores of Europe, Oceania and Latin America, exploring the culture, the cuisine and the first hand charm of the globe has never been so sumptuous.

Mysticism in Morocco

Those seeking mysticism in the scorching and exotic lands that lie at the foothills of the Atlas Mountains will be enticed by a Moroccan tour exclusively on offer from Private Aviation Vacations. Lose yourself in the spice and silks of the souks, awaken your taste buds with the rich flavours of fresh tagine and ride horseback deep into the heart of the Sahara desert where the stars prickle in the velvet blue sky.

Gastronomy and Culture in Spain

For a week filled with flavour, culture, flamenco and sweet Spanish sun, why not take to the air on your private jet vacation to the shores of Spain? Nibble your way through platters of gourmet pintxos in the old city of San Sebastian, lap up the hazy blue warmth of the Mediterranean and see some of the world’s most inspiring art in the heart of Barcelona.

Jodhpur Northern IndiaChaos and Charm in Northern India

For adventurous travelers who want to see the jewels of the world, the chaos and charm of India awaits you. Dine with royalty, take a tour of Delhi and discover an exciting and evocative land of rich, ancient customs and colour.



Harvest at Napa Valley VineyardWine and Dine Weekends in Napa Valley

If you have only a weekend to spare, there is no better way to spend it than in the cool orchards and vineyards of the Napa Valley. Michelin starred dinners, unwinding spa treatments, private estates and world renowned vineyards are waiting to welcome you.

Chartering you to the hottest destinations in the world, you can enjoy an unrivaled experience with the finest accommodation, silver service and rarest tours that allow you to truly discover the world. With Presidential Private Jet Vacations you can take to the sky in style and relax with hassle free air travel.

We invite you to contact us or to call us at 754.200.3000 to learn more about this experience or to organize your custom crafted itinerary anywhere in the world.

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