gulfstream-giv-16-paxThe stunning expanse of Argentina is a wonder to behold, glacial mountains tumble into thick dense jungle, palm fringed beaches are flanked by awe inspiring cities and everywhere you turn there is the rhythm of tango, the ruby nectar of wine and the mouth-watering scent of the world’s best beef.


Gulfstream IV Front InteriorFrom the lively Latin spirit of Buenos Aires to the roaring waterfalls of Iguazu, the hauntingly beautiful lowlands of the Pampas and the sheer sparkling white walls of the Perito Moreno glacier, Argentina is a world that has it all. On this exquisite luxury jet vacation you can discover the spirit of Patagonia.


Day 1: Buenos Aires

Tango, Tin Houses And Timeless Beauty
Buenos Aires FountainYour luxury private jet is waiting to take you to one of the world’s most exciting destinations, the lively city of Buenos Aires. On board your own private jet you can indulge in beyond first class service personal attention and gourmet cuisine as we take you on a seamless journey to the majesty of Argentina.
Asado argentino

Asado argentino

Lose yourself in the brightness and the bustle of the famous Buenos Aires. The streets overspill with tango rhythms, the colorful houses crowd the hillside and the mouth-watering scent of wine and parrillada de carnes (succulent barbecue of assorted selected meats) can be found at every turn. A private guide will show you the secrets that beautiful Buenos Aires has to offer.

Four Seasons Hotel Front SmallAs the stars come out, the city puts its finger on the pulse and you can witness the ambient atmosphere that lights up the streets after dark. Indulge in first class Argentinian cuisine before returning for a restful night at the beautiful Four Seasons Hotel.

Four Seasons Hotel Lounge SmallFour Seasons Hotel Room Small

Day 2: Buenos Aires

A Rare Glimpse Into The Capital Federal
Four Seasons Hotel Pastry SmallLibertad Synagogue in Buenos AiresEnjoy a sumptuous breakfast of freshly made pastry delicacies synonymous with Buenos Aires. The city boasts one of the most important and thriving Jewish communities and this morning you can take a rare glimpse into this fascinating side of life. Meeting with a local rabbi (··) you can find out all about the heritage of the incredible city.
Silversmith in Buenos Aires SmallWitness local crafts and see the flash of silver as you visit a world-famous silversmith master (··). Watch him mould the silver to create astounding products and pick up something special to take home. Take a long lunch surrounded by fascinating company as you converse with several Argentinian experts in arts, economics and historians. For dessert, head to one of the city’s most exclusive ice cream parlours before embarking on an exclusive tour of the Colon Opera House.

Teatro Colon Buenos Aires

Rojo Tango Buenos AiresThis evening you can dress to impress and enjoy seeing the city as you drive in a charming vintage car to Puerto Madero. In the startling atmosphere of the Faena and Universe Hotel you can watch the Rojo Tango in elegant surroundings.

Day 3: The Pampas

Fascinating Folklore
Helicopter in Pampas SmallPampas Main View SmallTake a trip back in time with a visit to the Pampas and wander through one of the oldest estancias in Argentina and steeped in gaucho history and fascinating folklore. Close by is the neighbouring town of San Antonio de Areco which remains a cultural relic with its narrow winding streets, its passion for tradition and its first rate museum dedicated to the gaucho way of life.

Gaucho Way of Life SmallThe Gaucho Way of Living

Pampas Al Fresco Dining SmallPampas Pool SmallSpend your day exploring the cultural heritage of the Pampas, ride out on horseback into the heart of the countryside, watch a polo game in season or indulge in a hot stone massage to rejuvenate the senses.

Polo Sport SmallStone Massage Spa Treatment Small

Four Seasons Hotel Kitchen Small

Head back to the evocative surroundings of the Four Seasons for a divine evening of dinner, drinks and comfort.

Day 4: El Calafate

Walk On The Surface Of Majestic Perito Moreno Glacier
Majestic Perito Moreno Glacier ViewEnjoy the comfort of your luxury private jet as we climb high above the colourful tapestry of the Argentinian landscape towards El Calafate, the gateway to a world of ice known as the Glaciers National Park. The looming landscape of rugged cliffs, vast open plains and carved glacial walls is truly a spectacle to behold.
Perito Moreno Glacier Ice HikingEnter a world of sparkling white ice as you traverse one of the most impressive glaciers in the world- the Perito Moreno Glacier. Navigate across the alkaline coloured waters of the Lake Rico for impressive views of the glassy southern wall before beginning your adventure on ice.

Eolo Glaciers National Park SmallPerito Moreno Aerial View Small Lake Rico Perito Moreno Small Lake Rico Boat Tour Small

Eolo Lodge Lake View SmallEmbrace the spirit of Patagonia with an overnight stay at the Eolo Lodge. Surrounded by the rolling hills and swaying golden fields you can bask in the solitude and the serenity of this warm and welcoming retreat. Be in awe of capricious skies not seen elsewhere.

Eolo Lodge Living Room Eolo Room SmallEolo Sunset Sky Small

Day 5: Bariloche

Into the wild
San Carlos de Bariloche PanoramaAfter a leisurely breakfast in the Patagonian wilderness, your private jet will take you to the beautiful Bariloche. Soaring mountain peaks reach for the sky, glacier lakes glitter in the sunlight and the sweet scent of the pine forests spill down the slopes.
Nahuel Huapi Lake View SmallNahuel Huapi Lake SmallYou can spend a lazy afternoon soaking up the sights. Drift across the Lake Nahuel Huapi on your own kayak, sail into the setting sun on your own luxury private yacht and visit the cava and bountiful organic gardens of Patagonia’s most revered chef (··).
Bariloche Patagonian Flavored Dish SmallDinner will be an elaborate affair as the chef and his wife open their restaurant doors to welcome you. Enjoy a glass of wine as you take part in an exclusive cooking class with two of the country’s best chefs. Learn all about the rich aroma and deep Patagonian flavours as you delight your palate with a range of appetizers, mouth-watering mains and delectable desserts. End the evening with a duck down into Ernesto’s private cellar to sample the very best of the region’s wines.

Retire to the plush surroundings and intimate luxury of the Llao Llao Hotel. Surrounded by climbing mountain peaks you can breathe in the pure air and dream easy.

Llao Llao Hotel View SmallLlao Llao Hotel Lobby Small

Day 6: Bariloche

Mythical Lagoons And Lakes
Victoria Island in ArgentinaExplore the pristine beauty of Victoria Island, an exotic woodland paradise flanked by snow dusted mountains, rolling rivers, deep cut canyons, and dense dark forests. Your journey into the National Park starts with a boat ride across the crystal clear waters of Lake Nahuel Huapi. Follow the secret trails into the heart of the park discovering a wild abundance of flora and fauna hidden in the sweet scented woodlands.
Those who are feeling a little more daring can choose to skip the island stroll for an adventure to the Steppe. Delve deep into the landscape with a visit to the mythical Los Juncos Lagoon, let your imagination run wild as you gaze in awe at the rock formations and dine on the summit with startling views across the rough and rugged terrain.
Llao Llao Golf Course SmallLlao Llao Hotel Pool Small

Return to the splendour of your luxury hotel and take your pick of sumptuous activities whether its teeing off on the world class golf course, curling up to read in the opulent lobby or indulging in healing retreats at the spa.

Llao Llao Spa Room SmallLlao Llao Sumptuous Cuisine

Day 7: Mendoza

Wine And Wild Horses
mendoza-panoramicEnter this world renowned wine region in the world by luxury private jet. The pretty city of Mendoza sits beneath the shadows of the Andes and with its towering mountain scenery, its wild horses and its endless cellar doors this is a wine lover’s paradise.

Cavas Wine Lodge in MendozaIndulge in an evening full of flavour with a private dinner and wine pairing in the home of the head winemaker (··) of one of the emblematic wineries in the area. Taste the regional crown jewel of the ruby red Malbec and discover perfect pairings that will transport your taste buds to gastronomic heaven.
Retire to the beauty and charm of the Cavas Wine Lodge for an overnight stay in the idyllic wine growing region blessed with beauty, breath taking scenery and soft temperatures.

Cavas wine Lodge Architecture SmallCavas Wine Lodge Suite Small

Day 8: Mendoza

An Elite Cellar Doors Experience
Mendoza Vineyard Argentina SmallToday you can take an incredible journey on the wine route that ebbs and flows through Mendoza. A special expert in oenology is waiting to open the doors for you in three select wineries. Each winery is hand selected for its charm and delightful experience.

Cavas Wine Lodge Tasting Small

Mendoza Horse Riders SmallYour afternoon can be laced in bliss and leisure as you choose to indulge in traditional Argentinian pastimes. Either gallop horseback across the wild foothills of the Andes or take an afternoon dedicated to art with a fascinating wine painting workshop.
Canvas Wine Lodge Spa SmallCavas Wine Lodge Terrace SmallRest easy in the starlit evening with dinner, drinks and complete relaxation back at the charming vineyard estate of the Cavas Wine Lodge.

Day 9: Iguazu

Jungles, Waterfalls And A Touch Of Brazil
Aerial View of Iguzu FallsEnjoy breakfast aboard your own private jet as you make your way towards Iguazu Falls, a thundering natural wonder that lets all other gifts from Mother Nature pale in comparison. The bubbling river boils over to boulder down into the intense chasm of Devil's Gorge. The misty emerald rainforest cloaks the fall and below butterflies dance on tangled paths and birds chirp sweetly to provide an enchanting soundtrack.
A private guide will sweep you through the trails allowing you to lose yourself in the dense tropical vegetation, to feel the waterfalls breath on your skin and to climb high to discover panoramic sights of this tumbling UNESCO wonder.
Iguazu Waterfalls Panoramic ViewEmbark on a great river adventure with an afternoon of unforgettable pleasure as you drive out across the jungle and head upstream on your Zodiac boat tour. As you ripple across the waters you can prepare to be greeted by the panoramic experience of one of the world’s most impressive natural falls. With no less than 270 waterfalls tumbling down into the river, the sound of thunder, the fresh spray and a shower beneath the falls is an energetic experience you will never forget.

Iguazu Falls Argentina SmallHotel Das Cataratas Bird Fauna

Hotel Das Cataratas View SmallAfter an exciting day you can hop the border to the Brazilian side of the falls for an elite stay at the colonial style residence of the Hotel Das Cataratas. Sip an evening cocktail with sunset views over the falls and drift into a peaceful sleep with the echo of bird song and rumbling water.

Hotel Das Cataratas Poolside Small Hotel Das Cataratas Terrace SmallHotel Das Cataratas Restaurant Small

Day 10: Iguazu – United States

Luxury Jet Comfort
Gulfstream GIV SP Interior View

Enjoy an elaborate breakfast beside the falls before preparing for your journey home. Your luxury private jet provides a peaceful retreat as you take to the air for a seamless flight back home. Stretch out with a glass of wine and remember the awe inspiring elements of amazing Argentina.


(··) Out of respect and privacy considerations, the specifics of these persons or locations will be shared with seriously interested parties only.


The number of guests, the type of aircraft elected and the origin city define the cost of the vacation. The following two types of private jets are suggested for this itinerary:

Heavy Jet –Gulfstream G-IV or similar

This is the aircraft of choice for groups up to 16-18 guests. Prices begin at $64,700 per person for a group of 12 guests flying from the East Coast.

Gulfstream GIV Front Exterior View Gulfstream IV Front InteriorGulfstream GIV SP Interior Small

VIP Airliner – Airbus 319 or similar

This aircraft is suited for groups larger than 18 guests. Prices begin at $68,000* per person for a group of 30 guests flying from the East Coast. The airplane is never shared with travelers from different groups of guests.

Airbus Corporate Jet A319Executive Jet Airbus ACJ318 InteriorAirbus ACJ319 Interior Small

What’s Included

  • Return flights on selected private jet
  • Onboard gourmet catering
  • All hotel accommodations in suites or equivalent, including breakfast **
  • All meals and activities, including entrance fees for listed sites
  • Best available ground transportation to and from all activities
  • Private guidance by professional guides and historians for the entire trip
  • Unique events and surprises

* Due to capacity limitations at some of the itinerary venues, groups larger than 18 guests may necessitate alternate accommodations or slightly different activities.
** If the number of suites at any given property is insufficient to host the entire group, next best available rooms will be used for some guests.

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