Gulfstream G-IV SP Ext1China is a world of ancient wonders, where the past sits in the shadows, and the present hurtles towards the future at the speed of light. Yet this world of parallels is ever alluring in her splendor, from the iconic skyscrapers that graze the clouds to the endless rice paddies spilling like fresh water down the mountainside. On this private jet vacation, you can truly discover the graceful legacy of China’s exotic past and watercolor beauty. From embracing the Gulfstream G-IV SP Int2
wild side of the Great Wall of China to walking among the underground Terracotta Army, serenely sailing on a bamboo raft down the Li River and losing yourself in the Forbidden City, these are the glimpses of China to hold in your heart forever.


Day 1: Arrival

Embrace Beautiful Beijing
Beijing AirportWaldorf Astoria Beijing
After an overnight flight in the luxurious comfort of your own private jet, touch down in beautiful Beijing, one of China’s most fascinating cities where ancient Eastern mysticism collides with modern times and ornate Buddhist temples sit in the shadows of skyscrapers. Your luxury concierge will be waiting to escort you to the splendid Waldorf Astoria for a blissful slumber.
Indulge in the fine amenities at the Waldorf, rest easy in your plush oversized bed in the splendor of the deluxe suite, sip delicate sake in the Peacock Alley Brasserie. Those who are feeling sprightly can hit the neon glazed city streets to explore the famous bars of Beijing.
Waldorf Astoria Presidential Suite BeijingWaldorf Astoria Room Bath BeijingWaldorf Astoria Private Mansion

Day 2: Beijing

Enter the Forbidden City
Tiananmen Square Beijing
After a sumptuous breakfast and your first Chinese sunrise you will be taken on a cultural exposé of the city. Standing in the historical paved space of Tiananmen Square you can almost hear the cries of the million citizens pledging allegiance to Chairman Mao and watch the Marxist emperor gaze serenely over the world’s largest public square. Live and breathe the history in this square that has shaped modern China.
Forbidden City Beijing
Entering the Forbidden City with its endless galleries, great halls, imposing courtyards and imperial gardens you are sure to be blown away. A former Sotheby’s expert is waiting to bring the fabled tales of the Ming and Qing dynasty to life with his talk on Court Life in the Summer Palace. He will take you into the exclusive Chonghuagong section brimming with rarities and antiques which is normally closed to the public.

The Hutong alleyways are one of the most characteristic and iconic sides of old Beijing and you have the chance to explore with a renowned photographer. After the revolution, the palatial homes were swamped with tin can shacks and cramped side shops. Meandering through these streets shows you a romantic side of the city, where children run through the streets, hidden courtyards bloom and tiny teahouses spill out onto the streets.

Meet with a local prominent businessman for an insight into the economic Chinese realm, a contemporary art expert and enjoy a private dinner with your family or friends on Cantonese gourmet creations in the splendid Zijin Mansion.

Waldorf Astoria Peacock Alley Restaurant BeijingWaldorf Astoria Wine Storage BeijingWaldorf Astoria Zijn Mansion Private Dining Beijing

Day 3: The Great Wall

Standing on History
Great Wall China
One of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Great Wall of China will inspire great thoughts as it weaves across the tableau of fabled hills, harsh mountains, and sweeping plains. Your expert guide will escort you to the most beautiful part of the wall, just outside Beijing, where the wilderness seeps through. The sheer isolation, the crumbling stones, the flowering greenery and the expanse of the mountains behind make for a mesmerizing sight.
Statueof Two Fighters near Shaolin Temple
For lunch, you can enjoy a delectable banquet picnic on the Wall itself. Witness the remarkable skill and finesse of the famous Shaolin Warriors as they perform a Kungfu masterpiece for your eyes only against the backdrop of the Great Wall. To deepen the experience, one of the most well-informed historians of our time profiled in The New Yorker and informer to the Discovery Channel will accompany you as you walk across the endless steps that vanish on the horizon.
Back in Beijing you can immerse yourself in many optional native lessons, find your balance with a private tai chi lesson, bow your head in a private tea ceremony, watch a traditional shadow puppet show or meet with a contemporary art expert.

Black tea in chinese styleTai Chi IllustrationShadow Puppet Show

Day 4: Beijing

The Emperors Playground
Temple of Heaven Beijing
Stand in awe at the Temple of Heaven with its enigmatic presence, its ornate design and its ancient aura providing a rare glimpse into the old world. With sweeping groves of knotted cypress trees sprinkling the sunlight, rich marble alters and the lull of birdsong it’s easy to understand the meaning behind the name.
Summer Palace Beijing China
Later in the day you can enjoy a majestic drive to the largest imperial gardens in China at the romantic Summer Palace. This emperor’s playground is a watercolor come to life with its shimmering lakes, ornate temples, carved bridges and sweet scent of flora rolling in from the surrounding hills.

Both the younger members of the group and the adults might enjoy kite-making in the company of a descendant of the Last Emperor's kitemaker, you can meet with a Feng Shui Master or debate China’s past and present with a renowned journalist and writer.


Day 5: Xi’an

Behind the Scenes of Yangling
Gulfstream G-IV SP nt1Let your private jet sweep you away to the ancient capital of Xi’an, on board you can stretch out in complete privacy, sip morning fresh cocktails and watch the tapestry of colors spread beneath your feet on a serene flight into the past.
Yangling Museum Xian China
Visit the riches of the Yangling Museum where you can view the mini underground terracotta army in softly lit trenches. The museum is dedicated to the tomb of the Western Han dynasty emperor Liu Qiu. Those with a thirst for historic splendor can enjoy unrivaled behind the scenes access to the restoration room.

Yangling Museum2Yangling Museum3Yangling Museum4

Spend the night in sheer luxury at the landmark Sofitel Legend Peoples Grand Hotel with its beautiful blend of architecture, elegant suites, and traditional Chinese spa treatments. This evening you can participate in a special dumpling making, and noodle throwing masterclass by the hotels own revered chefs.

Sofitel Xian ChinaSofitel2 Xian ChinaSofitel3 Xian China

Day 6: Xi’an

Face the Terracotta Army
Terracotta Warriors

Terracotta Warriors

After breakfast, you can witness the wonder of the life-size terracotta army on the march. One of the most alluring sights to see in Xi’an, the majestic underground army of carved life-sized warriors is hauntingly beautiful. As a rare treat, you can claim special access to the area known as the hospital where 200 strong and repaired soldiers stand in formation. You can walk through the lines and gaze into the fearsome faces of the first emperor’s army.

Terracotta Warrior 2Yangling Museum4

Great Mosque Xian ChinaAfter lunch, you can explore the bustling Muslim Quarter and the exotic Great Mosque, hailed as one of the oldest and best-preserved Islamic places of worship in the whole of China. With its blend of Chinese and Islamic architecture, its elaborate courtyards and its Silk Road history you will be fascinated by the tales that weave through the walls.
Sofitel Spa Xian ChinajpgSpend the evening enjoying the charm of Xi’an, refreshing in the Sofitel’s sparkling pool, indulging in divine spa treatment and enjoying a perfect rendition of Qishan noodles and Lao Tong Cured Mutton.

Day 7: Hangzhou

Witness Pure Poetry
Xian Ancient City Wall China
This morning you will have the chance to wander the Tang Dynasty Wall, once the protector of the ancient city of Xi'an. Walk along the wall that separates the ancient close-knit streets of the old city from the bustling metropolis of the new quarter.
Pavilion Bridge in West Lake Hangzhou China
Be transported to one of the most glorious cities in the whole world, in the lush and dreamy landscapes of illustrious Hangzhou. Boasting poetic surroundings of blushing hills and valleys, willows weeping into languid banks and ancient pagodas peeking out of cloud drenched hills you are sure to fall in love.
Four Seasons Hotel HangzhouChina
Check into the graceful elegance of the Four Seasons Hotel perched on the western shores of West Lake. This gentle oasis is webbed in a world of shimmering ponds, sprawling gardens and soft lagoons. Sip tea in the glass room conservatory, soak in the deep tub and drift away into a divine sleep on the heavenly beds.

Four Seasons Hotel Hangzhou ChinaFour Seasons Hotel Hangzhou ChinaFour Seasons Hotel Hangzhou China

Day 8: Hangzhou

Romance on the West Lake
West Lake Hangzhou China
Start the day with a deep breath of fresh dewy air with a private tai chi session offering splendid views of the ornate Hangzhou vistas misting in the distance. Follow in the footsteps of Marco Polo as you take a sweeping romantic gondola tour of the serene West Lake watching the colors of the day seep to life.

Hangzhou Broken Bridge In West Lake

Buddist Temple Hangzhou China
Drive through the emerald holy land of tea plantations as you head to the district dressed in Buddhist temples. Beneath the curve of a thick wooded hill, you can admire the impressive peak that flew from afar with its towering limestone carvings, serene Buddha statues, ancient trees, deep caves and cold streams.
West Lake Impressions Hangzhou China1
As the stars fall from the sky, you are invited to watch a hypnotic performance of the West Lake Impressions, crafted by the legendary Zhang Yi Mo, the choreographer of the Beijing Olympic Opening Ceremony.

West Lake Impressions Hangzhou China4

Day 9: Shanghai

Healing Herbs and Ancient Medicine
Hu Qing Yu Tang Pharmacy Hanghou China
Surrounded by lush fertile hills abundant in medicinal flora and healing herbs, Hangzhou has long been hailed the center of traditional Chinese medicine. In the heart of the old city, you can take a tour around the historic Hu Qing Yu Tang pharmacy. Your expert guide will engage you with incredible knowledge and insight into how the world of ancient medicine has been adapted to mend modern times.
Shanghai China
Enjoy a relaxing drive through the contours of China’s dreamy landscape with its ethereal sights to the vibrant city of Shanghai. The blooming metropolis shimmers with its iconic climbing skyline and fast fire bullet trains, yet in the cracks of the fabric you can still find hints of traditional charm.
Peninsula Shanghai Luxury limousinePeninsula shanghai accommodations Majestic Suite -Living Room Day
Book in at the exclusive Peninsula Hotel and enjoy riverside views in the opulence of your suite. Utterly glamorous and with every modern luxury you could need you can take a refreshing dip in the grandiose pool, sip wine with sparkling waterfront views and sleep in soft cloudy beds surrounded by antique ceramics.

Peninsula shanghai accommodations Majestic Suite BedroomPeninsula shanghai accommodations Majestic Suite Bathroom

Day 10: Shanghai

Boutique Galleries on The Bund
Shanghai Bund
The riverside of Shanghai boasts an incredible wealth of architecture and this morning your guide from the Shanghai Historical Society will take you to some of the most important buildings along The Bund where though a fascinating lecture you can get a rare glimpse into the stories behind these monumental buildings.
French Concession Shanghai China
On your way to lunch, you can slip into the shade of the sycamore-lined streets of the famous former French Concession. Promoted as the Paris of the Orient, this sublimely inspiring area is home to many small boutique galleries that are perfect for popping in. Flanked by your local expert guide, spend the afternoon discovering the delights of Shanghai's upmarket shopping scene with a visit to a contemporary ceramic shop, the private studio of a famed fashion designer or a boutique beauty brimming with cashmere scarves and intricate shawls.
Acrobat Show Shanghai
This evening you can soak up the pleasures of The Bund with a spectacular jaw-dropping performance at the stunt-filled Acrobat Show.

Day 11: Shanghai

Curated Tours and Artistic Appeal
Shanghai Museum
A special day starts with a custom designed expert tour of the marvelous Shanghai Museum. Graced by your own art expert you can plan the perfect itinerary to suit your tastes and your own artistic preferences, ending at the best museum shop in all of China.
Shanghai Museum
The Shanghai Museum is filled to the brim with evocative wonders, ancient art, carved bronze, deep jade and historic furniture. As you glide through the maze of halls on your own unique tour, you will see the pages of Chinese history unfold before your eyes. Browse the bespoke museum shop filled with its own treasures for you to take back home.
Bund Tower Shanghai
Chose from an array of optional experiences, whether it’s a private dinner in the Art Deco Cuppola on The Bund, a cooking lesson in a French Concession home or a dizzying experience of Shanghai’s nightlife scene with a music editor to show you the hottest spots.

Day 12: Guilin

Rice Paddies and Water Buffalo
Soak up the Zen-like surroundings of Shanghai’s Yu Gardens with its fish-filled ponds, wistful pavilions, sugar-spun cherry blossoms and bright blooming petals filling the lavish gardens with a soft scent. After finding your balance in the beauty of the gardens you can take one last stroll through the old town of Shanghai.

Yu Garden1 Shanghai ChinaYu Garden2 Shanghai ChinaYu Garden3 Shanghai China

Guilin China
In the afternoon, your private jet charter is waiting to take you to the heart of Guilin. On board, you can enjoy unrivaled attention, beyond-first-class service, and privacy as you reflect on the wonders you have seen so far. Guilin seems to be a page from a book of haiku with its water buffalo wading in the waters, its people tilling the soil and its sheer mountain pillars rising out of turquoise winding rivers.
Banyan Tree Resort Guilin China1
Sleep in the bosom of Mother Nature at the Banyan Tree Resort where mist-shrouded mountains, and endless rice fields paint the backdrop to a peaceful slumber. Beautiful mountain view rooms boast reflective balconies, oriental touches, and marble bathrooms.

Day 13: Guilin

Drift Down the Li River
Fishing on the Li River Guilin
A rare and romantic experience starts the day as you drift down the Li River on a raft crafted from traditional bamboo. As you float away you can gaze upon serene heavenly sights as jade colored peaks rise from the blue-green waters, the world around you is cloaked in mist and ornate rice fields cling to the side of colorful cliffs.

Li River Guilin China2Li River Guilin China3

Rice Paddies Guilin China
Take a step off the beaten track and enter a world unknown to many as you immerse yourself in the innocence of village life. Lose yourself in the expanse of the rice paddies and visit a local school where the children are born to the land. Connect with the locals and learn how to make soy milk and tofu in this unique cultural experience.
Banyan Tree Resort Guilin China2Banyan Tree Resort Guilin China3
Retire to your villa at the Banyan Tree and enjoy a heavenly spa treatment and another night of delectable local cuisine at the Baiyun restaurant inside the resort.

Banyan Tree Resort Guilin China4Banyan Tree Resort Guilin China5

Day 14: Hong Kong

Concrete and Bamboo Jungles
Peninsula HK
Enjoy a bright morning flight in the luxury of your own private jet to the dizzying cosmopolitan energy and fast paced world of Hong Kong. Relax and unwind on your flight, nibble on a gourmet breakfast and watch China pass by below as you glide seamlessly through the clouds. Upon arrival, be taken by famed Rolls Royce service to the legendary Peninsula Hotel.
Hong Kong Skyline at Night
Hong Kong is the center of commerce and business in China making it an alluring place to touch down. Soaring buildings kiss the sky and at night the iconic skyline dances with light, famous street markets throng with color and people and the rich scent of street food and bamboo and concrete jungles wrap around each other in contrary fashion.
Peninsula HKPeninsula HKPeninsula HK
Spend the evening immersed in decadence in the swish surroundings of the Peninsula Hotel. Book an exotic spa treatment to reclaim your senses, dine in one of the award-winning restaurants and soak up the sophisticated cocktail scene that fringes the edges of Hong Kong’s nightlife scene.

Peninsula HKPeninsula HKPeninsula HK

Day 15: Hong Kong

Peaks and Sampans
Repulse Bay Hong Kong China
After breakfast, you can take to the sky with an adrenaline fuelled helicopter ride above the skyline and the shimmering waters of Repulse Bay. See the world’s greatest landmarks from a bird’s eye view and take in the breadth and enormity of the city from the calm of the sky.
In the afternoon, you can enjoy an unrivaled walking architectural tour of Central. This is your chance to upturn every stone, to learn the fables and to find the human side of a city that seems to be hurtling headfirst into the future. Admire the colonial touches along the waterfront, stretch your neck as you gaze up at skyscrapers and peruse the whimsical galleries and gorgeous antique stores of Hollywood Road. Ride the world’s longest escalator before taking a funicular to the tip of Victoria Peak for a gourmet lunch with unparalleled views across the city.

Hollywood Road Park Hong KongVictoria Peak Funicular Hong Kong China

Sampan in Hong Kong

From Aberdeen Harbor you can board a sampan and explore the waters filled to the brim with charming fishing boats, houseboats and noisy seafood markets. This is a page straight from the history books of Hong Kong and an area that stubbornly refuses to change in the face of a modern metropolis.

Day 16: Hong Kong

Antiques, Pearls and Sunset Sailing
Hong Kong is hailed as one of the shopping capitals of the world, and the experience can be a tad overwhelming. You have the chance to explore the shops, boutiques, streets and galleries with your own professional shopper. Whatever your personal interests are your expert shopper will lead you through the maze and show you the most trusted dealers in the city for whatever delights capture your fancy whether they be glistening pearls, rare jeweled antiques or designer fashion.

Hong Kong Shopping ChinaIFC Mall Hong Kong China

Embrace a few hours of leisure, whether you want to explore the hidden nooks and crannies of Hong Kong, relax with a good book at the alluring hotel bar, or indulge in sensual spa treatments and a swim.

Peninsula HKPeninsula HKPeninsula HK

Aqua Luna Junk on Hong Kong Harbour
To celebrate your last evening in Hong Kong, you can enjoy a delectable private dinner on one of the cities last remaining junks. As the red sail billows in the sunset you can sip cocktails as you sail away, dine on gourmet flavors and as the moon rises you can enjoy unrivalled views of the buildings boasting their spectacular light shows and shooting their lasers across the curve of the sky.

Day 17: Departure

Visions of the East
Presidential Aviation TailAfter a delightful breakfast replete with local temptations, you can enjoy again Rolls Royce transportion to the airport provided by the hotel. Step onboard the haven of your own private jet for the flight home. After a fuss-free take off you can climb above the enchantments of China, fondly sip sake and close your eyes in restful peace as you remember visions of the East.


The number of guests, the type of aircraft elected and the origin city define the cost of the vacation. The following two types of private jets are suggested for this itinerary:

Heavy Jet –Gulfstream G-V or similar   

This is the aircraft of choice for groups up to 16-18 guests. Prices begin at $85,500 per person for a group of 12 guests flying from the East Coast.

Gulfstream GV Jet Exterior View Gulfstream GV Jet InteriorGulfstream GV Interior Small

VIP Airliner – Airbus 319 or similar  

This aircraft is suited for groups larger than 18 guests. Prices begin at $72,800* per person for a group of 30 guests flying from the East Coast. The airplane is never shared with travelers from different groups of guests.

Airbus Corporate Jet A319Executive Jet Airbus ACJ318 InteriorAirbus ACJ319 Interior Small

What’s Included

  • Return flights on selected private jet
  • Onboard gourmet catering
  • All hotel accommodations in suites or equivalent, including breakfast **
  • Some meals and all activities, including entrance fees for listed sites where applicable
  • Best available ground transportation to and from all activities
  • Private guidance by professional guides and historians for the entire trip
  • Unique events and surprises

* Due to capacity limitations at some of the itinerary venues, groups larger than 18 guests may necessitate alternate accommodations or slightly different activities.
** If the number of suites at any given property is insufficient to host the entire group, next best available rooms will be used for some guests.

Bespoke Travel

All itineraries are fully customizable to accommodate our guests’ interests, lifestyle and desired purposes.

You may also create your own journey by selecting any worldwide destinations of choice. We will build a custom-crafted experience for you.