Luxury travel to the Middle East is a unique experience and traveling by private jet to Egypt, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Qatar brings the occasion to perfection.

The Valley of the Kings, the riches of the Persian Empire and the exotic culture of the Arabian world will show you a world of shining jewels, golden sand dunes and a sweltering blue sky under which every luxury on earth is waiting. Heavy with resources, wealth and seven star comforts, visitors to this far side of the world will be engulfed in the mystique, the rarity and sheer luxury.

Start your sojourn into the land of riches with Presidential Private Jet Vacations where we curate one-of-a-kind tours across the globe invoking the best in plush accommodation, exquisite dining and rare cultural experiences. From the ancient banks of the Nile to the top of the Burj Al Arab in Dubai, the world is waiting to treat you like royalty.


The Sphynx and the the Great Pyramid of Giza

The Sphynx and the the Great Pyramid of Giza

Your private jet vacation starts in mythical Egypt, a land that has forever enticed visitors from around the world. From the meandering Nile to the illustrious pyramids, the mystical Valley of the Queens and the sapphire blues of the Red Sea, Egypt is filled with ancient riches and woven fables. Step back a thousand years to witness the wonder of the world’s finest monuments, ride camels across the remote desert plains, and find hidden oasis beside the sparkling sea. Giza is always the top of the list when it comes to exploring Egyptian wonders – climb the golden stairs of the pyramids and gaze into the eyes of the sphinx. Experience the crush of Cairo with its sweltering night markets before cooling down with a luxurious river cruise along the Nile. Drop by Luxor, the world’s greatest open air museum.  Admire the sandstone settlements, natural springs and palms of the Siwa Oasis and snorkel in the bountiful coral reefs of Sharm el-Sheikh along the enchanting Red Sea.

Lukxor Temple in Ancient EgyptCiaroCairo Egypt
Hieroglyphic of Pharaoh Civilization in Karnak TempleEgypt-Statues_of_Queen_Hatshepsut_-_Near_Valley_of_the_Kingscolossus of ramses in luxor


Dubai is all about self-indulgence, and arriving by private jet is simply a way of life. Luxurious Dubai is famed for being a luxury haven and an irresistible playground for the rich and famous. Spend a night or two at the majestic Burj Al Arab for a hotel experience unlike no other, every second of your stay is doused in extravagance with helicopter arrivals, champagne spreads and panoramic views from the notorious sky bar. Gourmands will adore the Michelin-star-infused cuisine at the best restaurants and those with a passion for high class shopping will be in their element in the giant Dubai Mall. When you are not skiing, shopping and soaking up sheer luxury, discover the grace of Arabian nights with a desert safari to see the stars. After the pulsating Dubai, drive or enjoy a short private jet flight to laid back Abu Dhabi to rejuvenate all your senses. Pick a perfect white and blue paradise like Saadiyat Island to soak up the sun, marvel at the beautifully ornate architecture of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and take a catamaran cruise out into the gin colored waters.


Doha Skyline Qatar

Doha Skyline at Dusk

A country caught between the desert and the sea boots a stunning plethora of dream landscapes of moonlike white dunes, craggy golden coast, ebbing clear blue tides and incredible towns brimming with class and culture. The capital city of Doha is a treasure trove for oil and gas making it an international hub of sheer luxury. Despite the worldwide ties you can still glimpse the true history of this sand swept spot at the Doha fort showcasing a unique range of traditional crafts and archaeological wonders. Opt for an exclusive yacht cruise around the Corniche to admire the dazzling evening skyline of Qatar lit up with a dazzling array of twinkling lights. When you are for a respite from the city lights head to the crescent golden dunes of Khor al-Adaid, known as the Inland Sea. Take a roller-coaster ride with a desert safari drive or gallop into the sunset on the back of an Arabian stallion. Swim in the waters of the old pearl fishing village of Al-Khor with its pretty stretches of sand, azure waters and rich mangroves hiding a host of exotic wild birds.

Presidential Private Jet Vacation will whisky you from one Middle Eastern beauty to the next aboard a luxuriously appointed private jet. Sit back, relax and enjoy the sceneries beneath your wings.

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